Awards and Recognition

ISO Certification

An ISO maintains the standard for the quality of the products manufactured. We have been awarded with the same benchmarking institution for the best quality of the product we provide to our esteemed buyers.

Trade Memberships

It is always a matter of great reward to be participants of well maintained association of similar kind of industrialists. Yes, your guess is right , we are life time member of our RAJKOT KITCHENWARE MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION.

Awards & Recognition

Recognization by external agencies will speak for the Good Governance of any Organization. In the similar Line , we have been rated with SE 3B class by NSIC ,D&B and SMERA. All Being well recognized external independent agencies , we are proud to be of the best rating which we deserve.

Awards and Achievements

Attendance at trade exhibitions or trade fair will show your participation willingness. And to be awarded with best display of the products is beyond participation, Yes You understand , we have been awarded with Best Product Display award by Swayam Welfare Associates at Rajkot.

To be member of any association is a matter of complaince and to render our best services for upgradation and upliftment of the said association is matter of keen interest in the industry as a whole at general level and products manufactured at specific level.

It is needless to state that founder partner of M/s Uttam Metals has been awarded with Best Services offered to the RAJKOT KITCHENWARE MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION for continous period of three years from 2011 to 2014.

Selfless services to the society as a whole is always part of the life of founder partner of M/s Uttam Metals and to compliment the same , invalauble services award is in the hands of partner of M/s Uttam Metals.

Recognition is always earned assets and it is invaluble and hence can not be bought. Yes UTTAM METALS has always attempted to earn the recognition and in this journey, it is awarded by various association, Here is one amongst them.